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Smaller money in arbitration

smaller money in arbitration

Arbitration is not just for the wealthy. Solicitors such as myself have a considerable amount of experience dealing with cases where the assets are limited. Given the costs of Court proceedings, arbitration is very well suited in lower to middle income/asset cases. It is possible to instruct an arbitrator direct without using a solicitor.

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Arbitration is the up and coming way of resolving the financial issues arising out of a divorce. It is separate from the Court system and is private and considerably quicker. Also you are able to choose your arbitrator, meaning that you do not have to become part of the uncertainty that is involved in the Court system.

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Are you considering representing yourself in Court?

litigants in person

Litigants in person – you may have seen reports about the Court system being brought to a standstill by the number of people representing themselves. This is primarily due to the demise of legal aid (to all but a very limited number of people).

If it is not possible to obtain legal advice then often applications are made that have no prospect of success or a litigant in person may avoid trying to settle matters even when a solution is obvious.

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Keeping costs down

keeping costs down

I have written a previous blog about how to use your solicitor. Some points need making again. The more you can do yourself the less the costs will be:

1Don’t send on/copy in your solicitor lengthy e-mails exchanges between you and your partner. Your solicitor will have to read them and charge you for doing so. Just give a brief summary of what the issue is.

2When asked for documents, provide them in a chronological order. Don’t just put a pile of unopened bank statements in a bag! Why pay high fees for the time a solicitor will take to open them and put them in date order?

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Dispute Resolution Separated Parents Information Programme

Resolving disputes using Artibtration

This is a new course designed to help separated parents become clear about what their children need most from them and learn the fundamental principles of how to manage conflict and difficulties – including how to put this into practice. I have had positive feedback about this course and it has certainly helped in some situations even when the relationship between the parents had broken down completely.

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Arbitration - a new way of resolving disputes

Resolving disputes using Artibtration

Arbitration is a new way of resolving disputes arising out of relationship breakdown. Arbitration can only take place if both parties agree. Arbitration has several advantages over the court system and the decision of the arbitrator known as an award is binding. Issues arising out of the breakdown of the marriage (except disputes in relation to children) can be arbitrated or just some small part of the proceedings which is holding up a resolution of the main issues. Hearings can take place at any time i.e. even at weekends or evenings which makes it much more flexible than the court system and, of course, much quicker.

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